The Birth of an Ecosystem

We called the early Shell prototype, “Lo’ihi,” named after an underwater volcano off the coast of Hawaii, thousands of feet below sea level.

After each eruption, Lo’ihi adds another layer of lava rock until one day it will break through the water’s surface and become a new island.

With the successful release of v1.0, the Shell Protocol has emerged from the depths. One day, its rich volcanic rock will host a vibrant ecosystem. But today, it is an empty plain of fresh basalt, as yet devoid of life.

As the rains come and go, the hard rock will soften. Lichen begins to grow. Then tufts of grass emerge from crevices. Grass is followed by shrubs, shrubs by small trees and small trees grow into big trees. Each generation increases the opportunity for the next. A once barren landscape becomes lush and green.

That is the future of Shell, with the core protocol forming the bedrock.

This community forum is the seed from which the ecosystem will grow and one day flourish.


Bullish on your poetry skills :100: Godspeed Shell