Shell Community and Governance Progression

The initial focus of this forum will be to propose and discuss new Shell pools, although topics and agendas will be expanded over time.

We are continually impressed by the thoughtfulness and insight of Shell’s community. This forum will be a means to aggregate our collective intelligence to help guide the protocol. In particular, community members can play a leading role by:

  • Identifying opportunities for Shell’s expansion
  • Vetting new projects
  • Reaching out to other protocol’s for $SHL integrations

This forum is also the next step in the evolution of Shell’s governance process. Previously, governance, such as it existed, was relegated to conversations on Discord. The community forum will add more structure.

Governance will evolve in three phases (we are now entering the first phase):

  1. Informal consensus through forum discussion
  2. Formal consensus through informal voting
  3. Formal consensus through formal voting

As always, we value feedback. Nothing is perfect and everything can be improved.