Promoting “Shells” as a Meme

“Shell tokens” or “shells” are what we call LP tokens in the Shell Protocol. They represent a claim on the underlying reserve assets held by the pool. The ERC20 ticker for shells is $SHL. Shells should not be confused with the protocol governance token (which is yet to be issued). The tentative ticker for the governance token is $SEA.

I think that “shells” could be a powerful meme, especially down the road when the protocol is crossing the chasm from early DeFi users over to mainstream adoption. If you knew nothing about DeFi, would you rather have some shells or some CRV?

Having the best core protocol is important, but so is having the best memetics. A github repo can always be forked, an algorithm can always be reverse engineered. Our brand and the concept of “shells” as an asset class is unique to us.

Therefore, promoting the term is probably in our strategic best interests.


Shells are the oldest form of money, reinvented for the new digital world.

It’s an elegant design but also very serious. It doesn’t have the same flippancy as Sushiswap’s memetics, for example.

It makes me think of vaporwave — mixing antiquities with a modern color palette. You could this with shells.

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The project is extremely ripe for memetics.

No other stablecoin project has even attempted this.

Those projects will come and go, but Shell is durable and will incorporate new assets into its pools.

Keeping the imagery simple and recognizable, just literal shells with tasteful cyberpunk palettes, perhaps scattered in beaches or under the sea, would accomplish this goal of being durable in the crypto space.

TLDR: Shells key advantages are (1) a name that makes sense for the project, (2) being a real world object (you can’t make images of people holding Tether or USDC quite like you can a Shell)…

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Personally, the branding of Shell is a big reason why I joined up with Kenny to found the protocol.

We are entering unprecedented times and our intention is to make a monetary system that can withstand the chaos that is coming, and play a role in keeping everything together.

One quality we are aiming for is to make our monetary system as accessible as possible, and shells are non-denominational. They are historically used by almost everyone from the Native Americans to the Chinese, Indians, those in the Middle East and other places. And in the future, the wide net of those who participate in crypto-economy.

They are capable of having a face with many facets.

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I agree with all of you, shells are powerful. We’re going to need a meme engineering team

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I’m happy to help with meme engineering as time permits.


I should probably clarify that in my original post, I was not exactly referring to memes for the Shell protocol. More specifically, I was referring to using the term “shells” as part of the nomenclature. Basically convince people to stop using “LP tokens” and start using “shells”. However, I think that memes for Shell protocol are super important and I like the discussion we’re having!

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We should probably refer to it as “promoting the Shells narrative”. You’re right memes are the best way to push an idea through a fun vehicle and shells are pretty memeable