How to decide on proceeding with a new pool?

How should we decide whether to proceed with a new pool? I think to start out, if there is no negative pushback (after the first week or so) and the proposal makes sense to the core devs then it would be a go? I’m not sure if we need anything formal at the moment but some de facto guidelines would be helpful.

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Sounds good. We should also add a step to make sure there is a demand for it, some kind of vote or a simple like on a post to prove people are interested in the new pool

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That makes sense. I don’t want to weigh too heavily on “likes” since that could be gamed, but there should be some apparent interest.

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My personal opinion is that we shouldn’t add any new pools unless it clearly adds value (new LP’s, new traders etc). Depending on estimates of when V2 and or a governance token is released there might be a better time to add new pools.

I think one of the main benefits of adding new pools is to grow the community of shell and get people trying out the platform, but i wonder if this is wasted if V2 and/or any token distribution is too far away, attention spans in defi are small and opportunity costs are large.

To me, the current pools make a lot of sense, getting data which will allow comparisons between shell and other options and help with the design of V2.

So im not sure the community is in a position to make decisions on whether to add more pools but if the team decides they want to add more pools, community feedback could be useful on which pools to add.


I think theres a lot of value to be had in adding new pools without getting caught in the hype trap. That said adding a pool that brings value to both Shell and a budding project can transfer a lot of excitement over.

I think i’m more in line with Joe here than some others who think more pools are better. Optic wise, I dont think its great to have pools that arent being utilized. Also dont really want the core team putting a lot of work into building pools that end up not getting used.

I appreciate you guys checking in with the community on this matter, as the last pool has a bit of pushback.

It’d be great to get the communities of these pools to weigh in on whether they’d use it or not. Maybe reach out to Terra and Frax founders/team and see if they can are interested and want to talk to their communities about the prospect?


Great discussion, guys!

Quick question: on the one hand, I feel like we should move discussion regarding whether we should have new pools to this topic. On the other hand, this question is germane to the discussion of how to decide on adding more pools.

How do you guys feel we should organize things? I’m new to forum myself, so open to suggestions. The end goal is not to enforce arbitrary rules but to have a lucid discussion.

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