DFX team gave Shell a shout out

FWIW, a pretty interesting FX AMM project gave Shell a shout out.

"Moreover, our AMM design is based on the amazing work done by the Shell protocol team, whose whitepaper details a way to construct configurable AMMs built for baskets of similar assets. "

I believe you guys might be in some sort of dev community jointly too.

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That’s awesome! The assimilator architecture in v1 makes it pretty easy to integrate a price oracle into the bonding curve. Thanks for pointing this out, @simplelife.

I actually hadn’t heard of this project before but it could be that they have rebranded. I’m trying to figure out who’s on the team and where they are from but I don’t see it listed on their landing page. If they liked v1, they’ll love v2.

The guys used to work on UMA and Truffle Suite, so probably like-minded people.

I know a few good projects that I’ll def intro Shell to!

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